Luigi Francoli L'ambra del Moscato Grappa

Often described as the ‘Burgundy’ of Italy, the district of Piemonte is well known for the excellence of its wines and high-quality raw materials necessary for the distillation of fine grappa, is abundantly available.

Based in Piedmonte, the Francoli family have been distilling grappa here since the 19th century. They are the only carbon neutral Grappa distillery in the world, with all energy required for the plant’s production process, is obtained from burning the dried vinaccia. Company president Alessandro Francoli has inherited a passion for grappa and has spent a lifetime developing and perfecting a portfolio of outstanding quality and distinction.


Available in:

Luigi Francoli Ottantotto Barriques Grappa 43.5% ABV 700ml

Luigi Francoli 3YO Grappa 41.5% ABV 700ml

Luigi Francoli Moscato Grappa 41.5% ABV 700ml

Luigi Francoli Nebbiolo Grappa 41.5% ABV 700ml

Luigi Francoli 5YO Grappa 41.5% ABV 700ml

Luigi Francoli Barriques del Limousin Grappa 42.5% ABV 700ml

Luigi Francoli L’ambra del Moscato Grappa 42.5% ABV 700ml

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