VnC Margarita Cocktail

NZ made, ready to serve and naturally infused to perfection with 100% natural fruit juice and the finest spirits. VnC Cocktails sources premium fruit from around the world, and where they can, support NZ fruit growers. With no artificial additives, preservatives or colours, their range is dairy and gluten free and 100% Vegan. Using 100% recyclable glass bottle reflects their commitment to the environment.

Available in:

VnC Margarita Cocktail 11.4% 725ml
VnC Mojito Cocktail 13.9% 725ml
VnC Sundowner Cocktail 13.9% 725ml
VnC Passionfruit Cocktail 11.4% 725ml
VnC Mango Cocktail 11.4% 725ml
VnC Pink Gin Cocktail 13.9% 725ml

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