Writers’ Tears Red Head

Produced by the Walsh Whiskey company, the creation of Writers’ Tears, a boutique brand, was a bold move, as it moved outside the Irish whiskey category that traditionally leans on overt Irish brand cues to something a little more nuanced.

The move was an instant success capturing the attention and patronage of whiskey enthusiasts globally from inception. It’s one of the highest rated Irish Whiskeys in Jim Murrays Iconic Whiskey Bible, it is also one of Ian Buxton’s 101 Whiskeys To Try Before You Die.


Available in:

Writers’ Tears Copper Pot Whiskey 40% ABV 700ml, 50ml (12 Pack), Variant Gift Pack

Writers’ Tears Double Oak Whiskey 46% ABV 700ml

Writers’ Tears Red Head Whiskey 46% ABV 700ml

Writers’ Tears Cask Strength Rare Whiskey 53% ABV 700ml

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